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Last Updated: 19 January 2018

Article from NETWOKMAGAZYN 09/2017 (also as PDF by click on the picture)

Quotes from the article:

Berta Zoltán: Look, there are many factors that fuel my positive vision. Show me another network marketinq company that after 3 years has achieved an annual 60 million Euros turnover! I should acknowledge that the story of our company all began in a small, Central-European country with a population of only 10 million. Lavylites’ burst onto the European market shocked the entire network world. This is an unusual phenomenon, and market participants are still somewhat puzzled by reasons for its success. .........
........there are exciting times ahead for the company. To include other continents, such as Asia, in the business expansion could generate an enormous growth. India is the world’s most populated country, and if they will love our products there and in other Asian countries just as much as they do in Europe, then the expected growth could only be compared to the Big Bang that brought the universe into being. To conclude my answer, in case the company is able to improve the management and its structure necessary for the expected explosion, then I believe we have a very bright future ahead of us.

Zbigniew Utko: As any other professional network, we do our own manufacturing and our products are patent protected, but to make a company global, it is not enough. What makes Lavylites number one is that we simply have no competition! Not even one that comes close. If that is not enough, our products have an immediate effect. It is a wonderful feeling when you know you are making history and you are number one.

Founder Tibor J.: Millions of people know about us already, hundreds of millions, and billions will be with us. The Universe of Lavylites is a special, unrepeatable, unique world. It is a desirable, kind and gentle place. It belongs to all of us. I do not know of any territory or area, where they are not awaiting us. They feel, that the future they have been waiting for is finally here. I feel, we feel the desire, the support.


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