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Last Updated: 16 January 2018

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Important notice:

 The products are cosmetics and not recognised healing products, they do not claim to have healing results. Subtle essences can positively support medical treatments and therapies and speed up the healing process. The use takes place under your own responsibility and does not substitute diagnosis or treatment from a doctor or alternative practitioner or restrict this. No healing promises are made and a healing in the medical and conventional sense can not be assumed.


The products series

  • 5 Years of product testing with Hungarian doctors, clinics and healing practitioners
  • EU approval as a cosmetic
  • No chemicals, all natural ingredients
  • No components derived from animals
  • Different products and lines
  • 80% of the same active ingredients and essences, 20% differentiation
  • For every daily situation


1. The nourishing cosmetic series


with alcohol (extra catalyst, goes deeper) “first aid spray”.
Positive experiences were recorded for muscle, joint and back ache, vertebrae, knee and shoulder problems, with pulled muscles, inflammations, bleeding, muscle tension, migraines, bruises, sore muscles, and regeneration after sport etc.

Use: Adults: 1 – 3 sprays on the neck (for the atlas vertebrae, pineal gland, and the central nervous system). Then on the desired (affected) area. On joint organs, on both right and left (e.g. right hand and left hand).  On central organs (e.g. heart, stomach): front and behind, on the back. On the back, spray the whole spine if necessary. Usually: 2 – 3 times a day, can also be sprayed every 30 minutes in severe cases. 

Body spray without alcohol, so that it does not burn on “broken skin”. Can also be sprayed on the eyes and in the mouth – breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose (bronchia, hay fever, asthma...)
Good experiences: Improvement of skin’s appearance, neurodermatitis, sunburn, acne, stretch marks, varicose veins, eczema, fungal conditions... is suitable for use in every body area, e.g. for cuts and open wounds. Recommended for your travel bag or medicine cupboard at home as an “aura strengthener”, etc.

Use: in severe cases spray several times a day on the affected areas. For chronic or long-lasting disorders a maximum of  3 – 5 times a day otherwise it will start a detoxification process that is too strong.


Optimised for use in the nose or in the ears. Does not irritate mucous membranes. Good experiences for hay fever, allergies, sinus problems, snoring.

The essence for your teeth and oral cavity.We have have 32 teeth – oral cavity: the first point where bacteria gather and acidification occurs. Inhibits inflammation and and removes odours in the mouth, for toothache, dental fistula, tooth enamel, gum wounds, pressure sores from dental prostheses; whitens teeth, particularly suitable for dental implants, dentures and dental prostheses, positive experiences: also for tonsillitis, herpes. Relieves coughs and hoarseness (spray in the throat region).

Use: after teeth cleaning, one spray on the toothbrush and clean the teeth and tongue with it. Do not spit it out. In the throat or gurgling with it is also ok. If you are only cleaning with this spray: spit it out afterwards.

Essence for strengthening the lymph system.

Supporting and relieving for the lymphatic system, which has the task of liberating our bodies from toxins and waste products. Our lymph does not have its own motor like our blood circulation. Our lymph system is only kept going by movement. The main function of our lymph is to detoxify our bodies.

Use: 1 – 2 sprays / 2 – 3 times a day in the armpits and/or the groin. This essence also reduces perspiration.


This shower gel can be used every day It softly cleans the skin.


Recommended for hair loss, thin and brittle hair, when balding, it regenerates the hair roots, and keeps the the scalp free from dandruff.

Use: 2 – 3 x per week
prewash the hair with a PH-neutral shampoo, rinse, then massage HAIR gently into the moist scalp, leave 10 minutes to take effect. It is recommended then to allow it to work for another 10 minutes under a towel, and then to dry the hair with a hair dryer or to rinse.


Simply put it on the skin: very soothing, wellness. Recommended for strained areas and for daily care in desired areas. Regenerates, nourishes and calms the tissue, moisturises the skin. Recommended for irritated and aching areas, joints, also for inflammations, athrosis, gout as well as acne, skin irritations and scars. When more is needed: simply several times a day, usually: 2 – 3 x per day.

Suppositories for anal or vaginal use
The suppositories deliver their information and vibrations through the intestine, and are most suitable for the large intestine. Anally or vaginally particularly supporting, haemorrhoids, anal itching, fungus, prostate problems, inflammation, bladder infection and many other problems. The body butter is good for use: in the ears, on the skin, e.g. wrinkled areas... recommended as a remedy: 1 – 2 x per day


2. The detoxifying cosmetics series


BODY SPRAYIs also sprayed on the skin. This allows toxic materials and heavy metals (lead, mercury etc.), which would previously be taken through the cell wall and into the cell, to be caught and taken from the spaces between cells and transported away.
Spray 3 – 5 times per day on the surfaces to be treated and additionally in the crook of the arm, the hollow of the knee and on the inner side of the wrists to remove heavy metals and toxins from the tissues.


2 – 3 times per day in a glass of still water at mealtimes – then drink another glass of still water.
If you start experiencing symptoms of a headache, loss of energy, diarrhoea, nausea, it’s a sign that the toxins are being released from the body. In the case of severe illness or weakness, it is advisable to begin with the detoxification first of all with the body spray before you continue with the detox drops.


For detoxifying. See above for use.



Detox hair remedy
Completes hair care. For very heavily strained hair and during a detox cure. Especially recommended for people with chronic illnesses, after long-term medication use or acidification, vaccinations, after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, anaesthetic, harm caused by mercury fillings with or without decontamination; for people who are continually exposed to heavy metals. Residence near a heavy impact area on the environment (factories, motorways, airstrips...) Use just like HAIR shampoo. 


Detox body care lotion
Used the same way as BODY lotion (see above). 


3. The regenerating cosmetics series


STEM CELL OILStem cells in the epidermis can be rebalanced and the damaged cell layers can heal. The skin’s ability to regenerate itself is activated in order to reverse or slow down the ageing process. Wrinkles and spots can fade and disappear as a result. The plant stem cells used for this come from strictly controlled organic cultivation.
Shake the oil before every use. Massage a few drops into the skin gently twice a day. Liver spots, scars, birth marks can also be treated with the oil. NOTE: Pipette should not come into contact with skin – always close bottles immediately, so that no foreign bodies can enter.


4. The balancing cosmetic series



Mouth SpraySelected herb concentrations help for good breathing; particularly recommended for stress, tense lifestyle, exams, long car journeys... positive for loss of energy, poor concentration, nerve problems, for excessive consumption of coffee and energy drinks, tastes pleasantly fruity; do not spray in the eyes.

Adults: 1 – 3 sprays per day in the mouth under the tongue, allow to work quickly; if needed can be sprayed up to every 30 minutes in the mouth. Children: 1 spray per day in the mouth, allow to work briefly

Refreshing energy drink, positive experiences with: building up healthy gut flora, activating the cell metabolism, regulating body weight and in the intestine for problems with parasites, fungi and bacteria.



It can be prefixed with:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • arteriosclerosis
  • Angina pectoris
  • Heart attack
  • stroke
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