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Last Updated: 19 January 2018

Self-healing & prevention

through the power of nature

for humans and animals

 Imagine being surrounded by a fine mist spray which
combines 3000 active ingredients with information...
It lands on your body and reaches your cells in just a few seconds...

It is not you who decides what’s good for you with your reasoning,
your beliefs or convictions, rather your body’s internal wisdom,
your cells decide that alone and use what they need in that moment
in order to regenerate optimally every day...

We spray with enthusiasm...

with and for the “vibrating” essences

and products from Europe!

We are delighted that more and more people decide to take responsibility for their health. And find the way to special, wonderful essences that enable us to achieve our health and that of our animals in the simplest way possible, not only to preserve them, but to improve them.

Hundreds of thousands of users from Europe and now all 5 continents already use these "vibrating" sensations and appreciate their diverse properties such as strengthening the immune system, pain relief, rapid wound healing, an astonishingly broad antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect spectrum. Tens of thousands report incredible positive effects on everyday well-being and their almost incredible experiences.



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Veranstaltungen - Events

20. Jan. 2018 Dubai

Eröffnungsveranstaltung VAE
Openingevent UAE
Hotel Shangri-La
Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

09. Feb. 2018 Hildesheim

Infoabend, 31199 Diekholzen
Praxis Lebensfluss, Alfelder Str. 14a

20. Feb. 2018 Berlin

Infoabend, 13189 B-Pankow
ATHENA ROMA, Jenny-Lind-Str. 7

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